The Best Advice I Could Ever Give.

Okay so I have a question for you to ask yourself. How often have you had a problem that you’ve kept to yourself because if you told someone they “might make it worse” or are embarrassed that this is happening to you? Here is the issue with that, if you keep it to yourself then how can the problem ever be solved? How will you ever feel better? You won’t feel better and the problem will never be solved. The solution to this is actually pretty simple.

Even though you may think that talking to your parents may be “lame” or “would make matters worse”, it really won’t. Your parents love you dearly and will help you no matter what. This is a very important thing you should know. If you tell your parents what is wrong or talk about your feelings it will help you. Be specific about what you want your parent to do. For example if you are getting bullied and you don’t want your parents to tell a teacher or the parent of the person who is bullying you and you want to solve it on your own, than tell your parent what is going on and ask them for ways for you to solve the issue. Sometimes having someone to talk to who won’t judge you or tell anyone else can be the best thing in the world. Maybe you already have someone to talk to or maybe you think that this is a crazy thing to do but just know that your parents love you and they will always be there for you no matter what. Just remember this.





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