True friends

Have you ever had that friend who is so unstable she never has a friend who sticks for a long time? Well, I have that friend. Whenever a new girl moves into town, that girl becomes her best friend, and I, who used to be her best friend, am ditched.

If you are the girl who is constantly being hurt by that type of girl, remember that she cannot tell you how much you are worth. A wise woman (my mom) once told me that “just because she won’t sit by you, that doesn’t mean you aren’t worth sitting by. Just because she won’t be your best friend, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a worthy best friend.”

Seriously, if you are being hurt by that type of girl, tell someone! Okay, that might sound sorta stupid, but it totally does help! I know from experience. Telling my mom, my sister, or my counselor definitely helped me feel better.

Forgive the girl whose hurt you, even before she know’s she’s done something wrong or is sorry. Keep loving her, and maybe, with enough time, she will learn to love you back just as much as you love her. But don’t wait for her to rush back to you and apologize because that isn’t likely to happen. Make/hang out with other girls! even if she was your best friend before, make a new best friend. One who will stick with you even if a new girl comes into your life.

Remember, you are worth it, and there is a girl out there who thinks so too!

<3, lovefrommae 🙂


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