If I Die Before I Wake…

When my sister and I were younger, we started wondering what would happen if we suddenly died. We pondered this for a while, and then we did the most sensible things our 9 and 10 year old minds could think of:

We wrote our wills.

Thinking back, I remember them involving mostly stuffed animals and the money in our bank accounts.

But now, as I think about the same thing that we discussed all those years ago, I wonder about something other than the fate of my teddy bears, but about how I will be remembered when I am gone.

I know how I want to be remembered:

I want to be remembered as a girl who loved her siblings and her parents, someone who was patient and rarely lost her temper.

When people remember me, I want them to say that even though they never really knew me, I was never to busy to stop and chat. I always took a chance to brighten someone’s day.

I want to be remembered as a loyal friend- someone who never left her friends alone when they needed me.

When I think about how I will be remembered, I realize that what I am remembered as depends on how I live. If I act like what I want to be remembered as, then I will be remembered that way.

And if I don’t then I will not.

Who do you want to be remembered as?



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