John Green

Okay so I absolutely love reading and I’ve been taught a far bit from an author that is amazing. I know it kinda sounds cheesy to be taught lessons from an author but seriously I’ve learned a lot. I also know that this blog isn’t really about authors but I think John Green has helped me with a lot. Whether it is cheering me up with one of his YouTube videos or making me understand parts of life through one of his books or vlogs.

How many of you have heard of “The Fault in Our Stars”? Yeah I know everyone says that it is a sad book about cancer and it is a romance novel but in all honesty it is much more. There are so many morals to this novel that are honestly amazingly helpful. One of my favorite quotes has to be “The world is not a wish granting factory.” To me, this means that life isn’t always going to go your way and it isn’t always a bad thing. I could go into more detail but I would spoil parts of the book and I want to add some more quotes and lessons I’ve learnt from this author.

One of my all time favorite quotes isn’t from one of his books but something that he said. How many of you consider yourself nerds or have been called one as an insult?  “Why is being a nerd a bad thing? Saying “I noticed you’re a nerd” is like saying “I noticed you’d rather be intelligent than stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than vapid, that you believe there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan.” Why is that?” People define nerds in many ways, whether you are a book or movie nerd or someone who is considered a nerd because you do well in school. This quote here has made me realize that I can’t let anyone insult me for being anyone but myself.

I could go on forever about reasons why John Green has helped me, I may do another post about his YouTube channel with his brother but that is all for now.



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