So this is my first post on true thoughts of a teen girl. So here it goes.

Have you ever had to face a problem that seemed like it couldn’t be fixed? Have you ever felt bad because you couldn’t fix a problem? I can answer yes to both of those. For years I would look back at problems I faced and beat myself up about how I couldn’t fix it. Most times it was a friends problem. My friends would always tell me that I shouldn’t worry about it, that everyone has those problems. For years I  didn’t listen to them, and I ignored their advice. I never realized until this year that I should’ve listened.

After all of that I learned a very important lesson that took me years to learn. I am hoping by sharing what I learned that it may help whoever reads this post.

I learned that sometimes you can’t be the one to fix everything, and that when you can’t fix something look at it as an opportunity to learn. Maybe what you learn is exactly what you will need to fix future problems. I know for me personally I don’t like being taught lessons by people, but I learned that it’s a good thing and I hope that this will help you to learn that too.




One thought on “Problems

  1. lovefrommae says:

    I agree with you, isa8008, that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about problems that are not fixable, but do not just stop looking because you think it’s hard. If it’s an important problem, and it can be fixed, and you can fix it, absolutely do! Make sure you try to fix the problem before you label it unfixable. Do your best, but don’t hurt yourself in the process.


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