Dream Big, Do Big

What do you dream about?

When I say dream, what does it make you think? I would guess that the majority of you will have thought that I meant when you are asleep kind of dream.

Well, I didn’t.

What I’m talking about is the kind of dream where you want something, whether it’s as small as a packet of gum or as big as a ticket to Disneyland.

Those dreams have a name. That name is goals.

Little kids mostly have small goals, like the getting a pack of gum from the line for the cash register kind of goal. As you get older, you’re goals probably will expand to bigger things, just as your intelligence about handling money does. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have small goals, the way you used to when you were little.

When you start having goals, try to make sure you don’t start with something huge. Practise with something smaller, like stretching everyday, eating a bit less chips at lunch, or buying something a bit small, like earrings.

Eventually, make those goals bigger. You’ll get better at sticking to them, and when your goals get big, believe me, you’ll want to get to the part where you achieve it. In 2013, I saved up all year to buy myself a 3D ds XL. I wanted it pretty badly, but it seemed like I would never get it. But eventually, overtime, the money added up. In November, I went and got my ds. The feeling of accomplishment was amazing, and the ds was totally worth waiting for.

Goals are like that. When you achieve them, you can feel proud of yourself, and know that you’re strong enough and smart enough to be able to do those sort of things. It’s a nice feeling.

Having a goal is worth it, when it comes down to it. You get what you want, and you get that amazing feeling. Don’t believe me? Set a goal, and achieve it. I don’t know if the feeling will be the same for small goals about buying things, since most of my small goals are to finish the week of school and get to the weekend where I don’t have to do school. But I know that the big goals definitely will give you that feeling of accomplishment.

Dream big! 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


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