The Story of your Life

When you’re a Great Grandma or Great Aunt or Great Cousin and your grandchild, niece/nephew, or cousin asks you what it was like when you were little, what do you want to say? What will you say?

I would want to say that I was a great child; that I had amazing parents, and so many awesome childhood memories that I didn’t know where to begin! I want to say that my life was like a dream come true. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say that?

Well, right now is the time that you might describe to that grandchild, niece/nephew, or cousin. If you think about it, what would you describe it as? A dream? Normal? Absolutely horrid?

Well, if it’s anything less than a dream, you’d better get working on it. We might as well live life so that it’s nice enough to tell a child about. I know my life isn’t a dream right now. I guess that means that I have to work on that.

But how do we change it?

Well, I guess the first place to start is to change how we think. If I’m like, “Ow! That hurt!” for external, I guess I just do my best to ignore it. If it’s internal, I think I better talk it out so that I won’t have a major blow out right away or later.

If something bad happen, smile and push through. Crack a joke or two throughout the day. Remain cheerful. Be sunny around others, and they just might become sunny too. Double suns makes double sunlight! The brighter it is, the better. 😀

If you can be that rainbow in everybody’s day, then they just might start acting happier around you, and your day will be better.

I know this all may seem corny, but sometimes, when I’m happy and I do this, it works. Or when I’m in a  bad mood, and somebody else is like this, it makes me happy. I think that’s proof enough that it works, if you need proof at all.

Make your life a dream. 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


One thought on “The Story of your Life

  1. Aj says:

    So true, bookwormjulia! You never have to let your life stay in a bad place. You can always make it brighter with a happier attitude.

    – itsajthoughts


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