The way you look

I know that sometimes we worry about things like; what we wear, and how our hair looks. I know for me personally it can almost cloud my mind. I get so caught up in what other people think about me that I start to change who I am.

Sometimes trying to fit in and worrying what other people think of the way we look clouds our minds. We eventually completely lose sight of what’s really important in life, which is staying true to ourselves. I know sometimes it’s hard to do, but in the end it’s always the best thing to do. If we were to spend our lives trying to please people we wouldn’t get any where in life. People might appreciate the way you look, but a question you need to ask yourself is… where do I get in this? Does this help me to become a stronger/more confident person?

That’s all for now.



2 thoughts on “The way you look

  1. bookwormjulia says:

    And this is basically the way to put it all. (I almost put a different comment here, but then it got too long, so I just made a post of it XD ) Those two paragraphs say it all. But some others (such as myself) may still post things about it. May as well get it drummed into the brain. 🙂 But this is the short and simple way to say it all.You have an amazing talent if you can do that (which you did), isa8008. 😀


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