The Beauty of You

I know that many people have already posted things about you being pretty, but I want to. It’s a thing that needs to be repeated again and again and again. It is something that must be drummed into the brain. And this is a part of the message that could go on forever, so I’d better just move on.

Have you ever thought about make up? When I say make up, what does it make you think? That it’s something that makes you pretty? That it helps your inner beauty to shine?


Make up hardly brings out your inner beauty. It’s just what it’s called: make up. It makes up something that isn’t really there. It almost like a thing that people use everyday for Halloween everyday. They put on their costumes so that nobody will recognize them. They make up something that isn’t really there.

Personally, the only thing I’d ever wear is lipstick. At my age, I’m not wearing any make up, except for lip gloss once and a while, but only on Sundays. I don’t really mind those, but I still don’t wear it much.

One of my older sisters wears make up. I’ve spent many a time rolling my eyes at her. Believe me, you would too. They’re only ‘touch ups’ so that they aren’t noticeable: a bit of mascara, some lip gloss, blush, and probably some other things that I don’t know about. Maybe eye shadow. But whatever she puts on, it takes a long time.

I don’t see the use in it: she’s in the bathroom for a very. long. time. putting it on, and then she just takes it off later. (When I say, a very long time, I mean,  very long time) What’s the use in using so much time for such little things that people  won’t notice? Such subtle things, that take so long; what’s the use, I ask again, that you’re just going to take off?

The answer to that, my dear friends, is there is no use.

I don’t think I’ll ever use make up. Why should I hide behind it and not show the world what I truly look like? I think that make up is a waste of time, and you should skip it. (But if you don’t want to, I won’t judge; do what you want!)

Sometimes, a really quick subtle touch is nice. If you have a nice hairstyle, a beautiful dress, and a bit of lip gloss, you can really feel pretty. That happened to me once, and that felt amazing. If you feel like that when you put on make up (if you wear any at all already) then by all means, keep going. Feeling pretty is something that makes you pretty.

But if not, just keep going without. Be loud and proud! You look the way God wanted you to, so show off His amazing work! 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia



3 thoughts on “The Beauty of You

  1. Aj says:

    I agree with you 110%! You don’t have to wear makeup to make you pretty, but if it makes you feel beautiful, then by all means, wear it! Whatever you do, just remember that you were made EXACTLY the way God made you, and you are beautiful.

    – itsajthoughts

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