Just Keep Swimming

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming! 

If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, then you’ll recognize the song above. Dory the fish, with her bad memory, sang it to Merlin. Since they’re fish, the swimming part would replace walking. If we replaced the words swimming with walking, the song would go like this:

Just keep walking, just keep walking walking walking! 

The basic message is the thing that is said in Meet The Robinsons (Another animated movie):

Keep moving forward! 

No matter what happens, just keep going. Keep pushing. Keep trying. You’ll get there. You’ll make it. Tough times never last, but tough people do. (Actually, that’s a quote from Robert H. Schuller)

The basic message here is this: just keep going. You can’t stop some things that happen, but you can try and improve them. If you feel terrible (like you’re getting a big talk about something from your parents right before bed, and you just want to go to bed, but your parents are making  a big deal out of this thing ((no seriously, this happened to me before)) ) you just have to remind yourself that this thing could be over in just a minute. (Yes, that is what I did that one night) And eventually, it is over.

Push on! 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


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