Confident Doesn’t Mean Unhurtable

Yikes! It’s been a while since I last wrote! Sorry to all of my loyal writers…

I’ve always been the confident girl. No one ever saw me cry, I never seemed to lash out. In our youth group we had secret sisters, and I wrote mine a letter a week for an entire year without fail. From my sister I received one letter.

One. Measly. Letter.

Turns out it wasn’t even actually from her.

In Sunday School we each wrote an encouraging note to the person on the right and left of us. I told the girls next to me that they were beautiful and a blessing to the class. The letter I got in return said “I think you are very nice.” Nothing more.


But I already told you I was confident- no one ever figured these things could hurt me. They did, though. I used to cry myself to sleep- I still do, sometimes. And you know what? I still consider myself confident.

But confidence doesn’t keep me from getting hurt by someone’s thoughtless actions. So I told my parents. I wrote them a note and stuck it under their door.

It felt really stupid, but guess what?

It helped.

Ever feel like you can’t do anything about what people do that hurts you? Try bringing it to someone who you trust, such as a parent or teacher.

It really does help!

– itsajthoughts


3 thoughts on “Confident Doesn’t Mean Unhurtable

  1. Anonymous says:

    So true. I am the same. I know that it can be especially be hard to let people see you cry sometimes.

    Anyways….This is an amazing post. I love it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is 1000000% and beyond true! Just because you are confident, it doesn’t mean that things don’t hurt you. I can relate to that. Sometimes, things hurt. But that doesn’t mean I’m not confident. It’s because I’m a person who has feelings, and sometimes people aren’t aware that they’re hurting them.


  3. bookwormjulia says:

    This is 10000% and beyond true. I can relate to this. The Ouch! can definitely hurt you, and sometimes the people giving you that Ouch! feeling don’t know they’re giving you it. So in a way, they’re innocent. (But only when they don’t know that they’re hurting your feelings; otherwise, not really) This is a really good post, itsajthoughts. You certainly know how and what to post. 🙂


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