I want you to think of a time where someone put a label on you. It could be a name you were called or even something such as Dyslexia. How many times have you let this label define who you are?

Here is a story about me.

I had Dyslexia. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to read or write as well as the other kids in my class. I was only aloud to borrow certain books from the library at school and wasn’t aloud to challenge myself beyond my reading level. I could have let this label define who I was for the rest of my life but I didn’t. It was just a label. I practiced reading and writing and soon I was at grade level. I continued doing this and now I can read better than ever. I’ve read books such as the Divergent Series, The Fault In Our Stars, Matched, etc. I never let that label define me instead I defied the label. Same goes for being called a nerd. If I’m ever called a nerd I take it as a compliment. I know think to myself “I’m a nerd and a geek and I don’t care. It’s who I am!” Labels are something I can accept and even defy, they aren’t there to stay forever. Don’t let them bring you down. As Elphaba from Wicked says “…I’m through accepting limits cause someone says they’re so…” in the song Defying Gravity, you can’t accept these so called limits or labels you have to defy them.





Dear Readers,

Let me know if my entries are too long and I can shorten them.

Oh and if you have any questions for me to answer leave them in the comments below. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Labels

    • bookwormjulia says:

      That’s fine by me. I really like this post. It shows that if we put our minds too it, we can overcome things that other people were sure we couldn’t. It shows that we can prove people wrong if we’re strong enough. It’s really inspiring.
      Good job, thoughtsfromamusiclover! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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