The Past

Have you ever regretted something? Have you ever wanted to be able to go back in time and change something? Have you ever wanted to go back in time to experience something again, or do something differently to avoid one of those terrible talks with your parents that you always hate?

I’m sure that sometime or another, all of us feel like that about something. We want to right a wrong, have happiness again, or make your life easier.

But the truth is, we can’t do that. Nobody has invented a time machine yet, so we’re stuck with the choices we make every day. As soon as we make them and do them, there’s no turning back or changing them.

It’s like a water slide, really. It can land you in shallow water or deep. Easier or harder. Once you choose your slide, you go to it. That’s when you think about your choice. Then you climb the slide. That’s when you decide to do it. Then you sit down and slide. When you do that, there’s no turning back, no matter how much you wish you could. That’s when you do it. And then you’re in the water. You might touch the bottom quickly, and it would be easy swimming. That would be a good choice in life. Or you could land in deep water, and might have a bit of trouble with swimming back up. That would be a bad choice in life.

I guess that might not be the best comparison, since I love going on slides at pools, whether they end in the deep end or not, and I’m sure it’s the same for many other people out there. But it’s only a comparison, so I guess it’s okay.

My mom is always saying, “Think before you speak or act” and I guess that’s good advice, even if sometimes you act on impulse or on instinct, which gives you no time to think. But otherwise, we should try to think before we speak or act. Then maybe we won’t want to go back in time and change things.

Wether we like it or not, what we do is forever done, and there’s no changing it. So why don’t we try and make our past something for us to be happy with?

Have a happy past! 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


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