I’m Unique, Odd and a Nerd

Weird title for a post huh?

Let me explain. I’m am who I am and I will not change for anyone. I’ve done things such as sing and dance with my friends in the mall when a song we like came on the radio. I constantly dress like I’m from the 50’s and as characters I like from books and movies. You see the whole point of me telling you this is that you have to be yourself and not let anyone change you. Sure people may think I’m odd or strange but who cares? I’m myself and if I get judged by people then they aren’t worth my time. Β The same goes for you if you are getting judged by people for being unique and yourself then they aren’t worth your time. Real friends will not judge you for being yourself around them and they won’t want to change you. I will never change who I am for so called friends or boys and you shouldn’t either.

In the tittle above these are words that I choose to describe me. I’m fine being called these things they don’t bother me anymore, because they are true. I am odd compared to other teenagers my age. I mean I love dressing up in costumes and wearing vintage clothing. Most teenagers don’t listen read The Diary Of Anne Frank for fun and I’m perfectly fine with this. There is funny quote that I found on the internet the one day. It is, “Those who like me, raise your hand. Those who don’t, raise your standards.” Now I don’t know who said it but it is true. Those who don’t like you don’t deserve to know you. I just hope that you will never change who you are for a boy or a girl or anyone. Please don’t change.



How many times have your feelings been hurt? Have you acted out, because you wouldn’t talk about it? Are you afraid of talking about your feelings?

My answer for all of the above is a ‘yes’. When I was a kid it was really hard for me. Life had been rough and scary. I didn’t talk to anyone about my feelings. This ended up being trouble for me in school.

Since I wouldn’t tell anyone how I was feeling I would have melt downs and just get mad at everyone. Sometimes…actually most times, this would get me in trouble. This proved very difficult later in life. It would get worse as feelings got more difficult to understand. The problem also became much harder to deal with.

The point i’m trying to get at is that even if your terrified to share how you feel it’s always better in the end. For me, I was never able to share how I actually felt. So instead the compromise was that I would write them in a journal.

So, if you just can’t share your feelings write them down. I’m not saying you have to write them down every single day, but at least one or twice a week. You don’t always need to share your feelings, their are sometimes that what your feeling is private and no one else needs to know

That’s all for now,



How many times have you failed?

(That probably wasn’t the nicest beginning of a post… that just sounded like I’ve expected you to fail a lot… well, for the record, I don’t.)

Sometimes we do things and we consider them failures, when they really aren’t. (See? Even if you are thinking from the first sentence of how many times you’ve failed, you can now think of how many probably aren’t)

Sometimes, we beat ourselves up. We want to do everything right, and have everything just so. We want our lives (and us) to be perfect.

But we aren’t. And the world isn’t either. There’s lots of other people out there that fail to see what they’re doing is wrong. Sometimes, we do things we regret. Those aren’t failures. Those are called mistakes. And you’ve probably heard of how we learn from our mistakes.

Well, we learn from our failures (sometimes ‘failures’) too. We’re human. We aren’t the perfect people we wish we were. Whether we like it or not, we’re going to mess up sometimes.

Here’s an example that might be a bit weird but is really all that I can think of at the moment: If you decide that you’re not going to trip, you probably won’t. But there’s still a chance that you will. So if you’re on your walk in the woods and are staring at your feet, determined not to trip on the tree roots, you just may get smacked in the face by a tree branch. And if you’re always looking up to make sure you don’t get smacked, you may run into a bear. And if you are looking for bears, you could trip. The list goes round and round.

And life is like that woods.

When we’re looking out for one thing that could go wrong in life, another thing that we didn’t see coming could happen. And sometimes, we consider those things our failures. But they’re not. They’re just unexpected things that life throws at us. If you have any siblings that are younger than you, you may have ended up watching a TV show called Backyardagains. (I think that’s how it’s spelled…) There is one show called International Super Spy, and in it, they keep saying “Always expect the unexpected”. But the thing is, you can’t expect the unexpected, since you don’t know what you should be expecting. That’s why it’s called unexpected. You could think of a whole bunch of things and prepare for them, but the unexpected remains, well, unexpected.

Once, I found some quotes, and they go like this:

We were born to be real. Not perfect.

I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been broken, but I’m alive. I’m a human but I’m not perfect. I’m thankful for all I have.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

I chose to be unstoppable. I am bigger than my concerns or worries. The strength of others inspires me daily. I focus on my goal. I trust my intuition and live a courageous life.

When life puts you in a tough moment, don’t say “Why me?” Say “Try me”.

When you are at your lowest, look to the highest.

Gray skies are just clouds passing over.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


I’m actually not so sure if all of those are about failure, but I like them, and if they don’t work for this subject, they work for another. And they’re inspiring.

If it seems like you’ve failed, try and think of the reasons why you haven’t. Most likely, you’ll discover it was just a mistake.

You were made the way God wanted you, and I can guarantee, He didn’t create anyone or anything to be a failure. You aren’t one, and never will be. πŸ™‚

❀ bookwormjulia


P.S. Sorry about all the paranthaseese; it was the only way for me to write it sounding right.

P.P.S. If you like how I put quotes in my posts, tell me! I’ll try and put at least one in all of mine. πŸ™‚

P.P.P.S. I apologize for forgetting to get the names of the people who said those… But at least the quotes are here! πŸ™‚



Many people don’t believe that they are amazing people. Let me tell you, every one of you reading this is an amazing person.

Everyone has a talent, many people just haven’t discovered it yet. Don’t worry! Keep searching. I’m still not sure what my talent is, but I hope I find it soon πŸ™‚

Do you know what your talent is? If so, comment below!

(Sorry that this entry was so short, I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to post :P)




Isn’t being inspired wonderful? It gets us going to do stuff, and we are determined. I’ve been inspired before by other people. I think that the main way to sum up that feeling in words is this:

That person could do that, so I can do this too.

But you wonder… Does the person who inspired you know they did that? Usually, they’re people who did something big and are talking to a camera about that and you happen to be watching and are inspired. Sometimes they’re in a book, but not usually in the same room as you. I don’t really think they know that they inspired you.

But if they did know, how do you think they would feel? Proud? Happy? If we feel so good being inspired, how are they going to feel about being the inspiration? To be inspired is amazing, but to be the inspiration is probably even better.

Have you ever been really inspired before? By who? Have you ever inspired somebody? How? Do you ever inspire yourself? How so? Comment on these things! πŸ™‚

❀ bookwormjulia