Isn’t being inspired wonderful? It gets us going to do stuff, and we are determined. I’ve been inspired before by other people. I think that the main way to sum up that feeling in words is this:

That person could do that, so I can do this too.

But you wonder… Does the person who inspired you know they did that? Usually, they’re people who did something big and are talking to a camera about that and you happen to be watching and are inspired. Sometimes they’re in a book, but not usually in the same room as you. I don’t really think they know that they inspired you.

But if they did know, how do you think they would feel? Proud? Happy? If we feel so good being inspired, how are they going to feel about being the inspiration? To be inspired is amazing, but to be the inspiration is probably even better.

Have you ever been really inspired before? By who? Have you ever inspired somebody? How? Do you ever inspire yourself? How so? Comment on these things! 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. bookwormjulia says:

    I actually sometimes can inspire myself to save up money by thinking about the when I got my 3DS XL. I wanted a DS really badly after I saw my older sister’s. She had saved up one summer and gotten it on sale at about 90something dollars. When I was told about a DS with a bigger screen, I wanted it. I didn’t really care that it was more expensive. I began saving up at the beginning of the year. In November, after almost a year, I got my DS. I can still remember opening up the box… I felt so happy and proud of myself. But wouldn’t you, if you only got a $2 alowence every week and the thing you bought was $210, when counting tax? Playing on it for the first time felt so good. I still love the thing, and am planing on getting a Pokemon game for it soon. Now, two of my younger sisters also have 3D XL DSs. I’m pretty sure that one of them got hers since she really liked mine. So was she inspired? Or did she just like something that I had and wanted it? I don’t really know… but anyway, when I am working toward something, I think about that year I saved up $210 and got my DS to inspire myself. I could achieve greatness then; I can do it now too. And so can you. 🙂


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