How many times have your feelings been hurt? Have you acted out, because you wouldn’t talk about it? Are you afraid of talking about your feelings?

My answer for all of the above is a ‘yes’. When I was a kid it was really hard for me. Life had been rough and scary. I didn’t talk to anyone about my feelings. This ended up being trouble for me in school.

Since I wouldn’t tell anyone how I was feeling I would have melt downs and just get mad at everyone. Sometimes…actually most times, this would get me in trouble. This proved very difficult later in life. It would get worse as feelings got more difficult to understand. The problem also became much harder to deal with.

The point i’m trying to get at is that even if your terrified to share how you feel it’s always better in the end. For me, I was never able to share how I actually felt. So instead the compromise was that I would write them in a journal.

So, if you just can’t share your feelings write them down. I’m not saying you have to write them down every single day, but at least one or twice a week. You don’t always need to share your feelings, their are sometimes that what your feeling is private and no one else needs to know

That’s all for now,



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