I’m Unique, Odd and a Nerd

Weird title for a post huh?

Let me explain. I’m am who I am and I will not change for anyone. I’ve done things such as sing and dance with my friends in the mall when a song we like came on the radio. I constantly dress like I’m from the 50’s and as characters I like from books and movies. You see the whole point of me telling you this is that you have to be yourself and not let anyone change you. Sure people may think I’m odd or strange but who cares? I’m myself and if I get judged by people then they aren’t worth my time.  The same goes for you if you are getting judged by people for being unique and yourself then they aren’t worth your time. Real friends will not judge you for being yourself around them and they won’t want to change you. I will never change who I am for so called friends or boys and you shouldn’t either.

In the tittle above these are words that I choose to describe me. I’m fine being called these things they don’t bother me anymore, because they are true. I am odd compared to other teenagers my age. I mean I love dressing up in costumes and wearing vintage clothing. Most teenagers don’t listen read The Diary Of Anne Frank for fun and I’m perfectly fine with this. There is funny quote that I found on the internet the one day. It is, “Those who like me, raise your hand. Those who don’t, raise your standards.” Now I don’t know who said it but it is true. Those who don’t like you don’t deserve to know you. I just hope that you will never change who you are for a boy or a girl or anyone. Please don’t change.


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