Peer Pressure

What kind of peer pressure are u facing? Is it feeling pressured by your friends to drink? smoke? drugs? We all have different things that our friends pressure us into. Some aren’t really bad, but others are. Still even if it’s just something like your friends want u to be mean to someone it’s still wrong.

They’re are so many times we give into peer pressure, but we want to try our best not too. I have many times in my life given into peer pressure, and it didn’t benefit me or anyone around me.

For example, my friends all swore, they were mean to people they didn’t like, and they gossiped about a lot of people. For a long time I didn’t given into the peer pressure. They would say ‘oh come on, just this once’ or ‘we are all doing it, aren’t we friends?’. Those things they said would guilt me into the doing that stuff. So, I gave in…and what did it get me and everyone around me? Nothing! All it got me was regret of being so mean and heartless like them. It got the people I did it to upset and mad at me.

Just because our friends say thing like mine did doesn’t mean it’s alright to do. If they try pressuring you into something you don’t want to do then they aren’t very good friends. They should be alright with your decision, and you should stand by your decision.