Hi everybody!

Everybody loves books, right? Well, most everybody. But sometimes, people don’t like them because they just haven’t found the right book. So today I’m going to name some books that I’ve enjoyed. They’re all the first books in the series. 🙂 I won’t add in descriptions, because you can just click on the links I’m going to create and read the description that amazon has. 😀 If you buy them and read it, or get it from the library, post in the comments on what you thought of them! 😀

The Ranger’s Apprentice

The Unwanteds

Keeper of the Lost Cities

The Blackwell Pages

The Brotherband Chronicles (keep in mind this series comes after The Ranger’s Apprentice 🙂 )

Now, there is a girl who has written two children’s books. I’ll add in links to those, because she actually is only a teenager herself, and is a published writer. I’m hoping that this’ll help inspire you to reach for the stars as well. 😀 (also, I’ll give you guys a link whenever she comes out with a book for teens! I know that she’s writing some, so they should be out soon enough!)

The Destruction of Ants

A Candy Land Dream

I hope that you enjoy some of the books I’ve chosen to put into this post, and that Seija will inspire you, and all writers out there. I know that she has inspired me. 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


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