Beautiful You

I’ve noticed over the years how people tend to deny themselves, yet glorify others. In fact, I do that myself.

My friend: My hair is gross today.

Me: If that’s what you look like when you’re gross, I can’t imagine how awesome you look when you think you’re awesome.

But when the roles are reversed, I will totally disagree, deny, and try to brush off what they say. They’ve tried to convince me multiple times, but I never really believe them. They only partially convinced me once, but that was when I thought I looked relatively good.

So most of us have a problem: we see other people that we think look awesome, and we get so sad when they don’t see that in themselves. But you don’t want to believe them when they say that we actually do look good, better than them. We think that they’re so good that, we could never match up, or be better. So we deny ourselves. We don’t let ourselves even hope, because, even though we can’t really tell unless we think very hard, we’re afraid that we’ll let ourselves believe, and then be torn down. We’re afraid to let ourselves feel that amazing feeling of being beautiful, and then having it ripped from you.

I will tell you that, I still am trying to figure out how to overcome this, so I have no tips. But I’m posting this because maybe one of you guys out there knows the answer to this. If so, please comment on your solution! 😀

Even though you might not believe me (I wouldn’t believe me either XD ) you’re beautiful. 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia