15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 8 1/2

I posted this is a bit late in the day for you to be able to do the challenge today….how-wude

I know, I’m sorry… So I want you to do day nine’s challenge tomorrow instead.

Read Proverbs 31 several times tomorrow, putting your name in the place of ‘she’.  Wherever you find something that isn’t true, focus on making it true. Pray about it- God can help you to get the qualities that you lack.

-itsajthoughts XOXO


15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 8

Today is the last day of the week long challenge!! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can start the challenge HERE)

Tomorrow I will throw in the next aspect of the challenge.


15 Days to Confidence- Day 6

Good morning, my lovely ladies! Hopefully you have gotten into the habit of telling yourself that you are beautiful, worthwhile and amazing over the past four days (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can start the challenge HERE). Keep it up for three more days before I add the next aspect of the 15 Days to Confidence Challenge.

You’ve got this!


15 Days to Confidence Challenge – Day 4

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence

-Blake Lively

Welcome to day four of the 15 Days to Confidence Challenge! If you have been with us since the first day, kudos to you! There are only eleven days left. Today, continue with the activity from day two.

You’ve got this!


*Psst… You can find day two’s post HERE

15 Days to Confidence Challenge – Day 1

I am all about being confident. Confidence is what keeps me going as I work through high school, and an extra dose of confidence has never hurt anyone. The more time I spend with other teenage girls, the more I realize the sad truth: teenage girls aren’t sure of themselves anymore. Whether you are a teenage girl or not, and even if you are already confident in yourself, I’ve made a timeline of 15 Days to Confidence to help you build up your self-esteem. I’ll be taking the challenge at the same time as you, so just remember that you’re not alone.

Day 1: Write something along the lines of ‘Good morning, Beautiful!’ on your bathroom mirror. Every time you look in the mirror, you will be reminded about your goal to become more confident.

You’ve got this!


Is Christianity Dead?

Is Christianity dead? Only if we let it be. This is a great post by ‘beautybeyondbones’ ❤


Well folks, another Christmas is in the books!

Christmas 2K16 is officially behind us. The eggnog has been consumed. Gifts gifted. Food coma endured. And for those brave souls who took on a real tree this year, its pine needles are officially all over the floor and will be mysteriously appearing in randomcrevicesfor the next 4 months.


Ever since I was of “appropriate age,” my family has always gone to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. It is one of my favorite memories and traditions. The caroling at 11pm. The candles. The trumpets. For the past, say, 15+ years, we have been going, and every year, we’d always get there right at 11:00, throwing elbows, and staking out our pew, as it is always standing room only. And don’t even bother coming at 11:15…because there will be no parking and you’re guaranteed to be standing – two deep – in the…

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