Hey there guys!

Yep, it’s me! I’m back! (And by the way, great posts just below by my blogging friend! 😉 )

Today I am talking about comparing.

Everyone has those days where they can’t help but compare themselves to anyone or anything. That’s one of those days when the internal ‘mean girl’ takes the wheel and directs you throughout the day, and you can’t seem to wrestle it back.

You’re so ugly… why do you even do that? It’s not as if you’re good enough to do it well. You’ll never be pretty. Your friend is so much prettier. Stop leaving that stuff there! Clean it up and do your schoolwork! You’re so behind in it, I can’t believe that you ever will get through it all… 

Sound familiar?

This ‘mean girl’ can seriously lower your self esteem. That’s not good. If you’re going to be  stuck with the same head forever, you’re going to be stuck with the same ‘mean girl’ forever. That’s why we have to learn how to be stronger than her and wrestle that wheel out of her hands. I have trouble with doing this myself, but slowly am learning.

If we let her remain in control for too long, it could actually hurt our health. She was in control of my own mind yesterday, truth to be told. I kept feeling down, so ready to just sit down and give up on all my dreams. Who was I kidding? I’m just a teenager; I can’t do anything.

Wrong. I can do whatever I want, whatever I decide to set my mind to and achieve.

That ‘mean girl’? She feeds you a pack of lies. Don’t listen to her. And don’t compare yourself to others. You have a special gift that none of them shall ever possess.

You’re you. And no one else is ever going to be able to you. 🙂

❤ bookwormjulia


15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 15

You have reached the end of the 15 Days to Confidence Challenge. I hope by now you have started to feel more confident in yourself. So now that it is over, I hope that you keep using the methods to confidence that we talked about during the challenge. Remember, you are awesome, just the way you are!

Thanks for sticking with me through the challenge!

-itsajthoughts ❤

15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 13

It’s been over a week since you started the confidence challenge (although we are only on day 13… by the way, if you haven’t started the challenge yet, you can find it HERE). So how are you doing? Confidence can be a lifelong journey, so if you’re not getting it right now, hold on. God is taking care of you, even if you feel like you can’t take care of yourself.

Tomorrow, I want you to write a letter to God. Consider it a sort of prayer. Ask Him to give you confidence and to help you to trust in him. God really does answer prayer, and He is working for you (Romans 8:28).

You’ve got this! ….. and God’s got you 🙂


My “Au Naturel” Day! (and Day 12 of the challenge)

Alright, I promised that I would post a picture of my makeup free day… so here it is, as agreed:


This is me (makeup free :D)

The picture is a bit blurry… but you can see that I’m not wearing any beauty products. Hopefully you were able to have a ‘makeup-free’ day as well today.

After nearly two weeks, I hope you’ve begun to feel more confident in who you are as a wonderful, unique, and amazing person. I used to be very self conscious of myself; especially of my physical appearance, but after years of training, I’ve become confident and self-assured (and God-assured!). So don’t be discouraged if after two weeks you still feel like you are sub-standard. You are not. But it can take years to develop confidence.

Tomorrow, I want you to send an anonymous note to someone that you know, telling them why you think they are awesome. Raising someone else’s confidence can help to boost yours 🙂

You’ve got this!

-itsajthoughts ❤

15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 11

Today, focus on doing what makes you feel good about yourself (remember yesterday’s post- what makes you happy? Do these things). Tomorrow’s challenge might be a bit tougher for some of us- just a warning. If you’re not comfortable doing this, that’s okay: being self conscious won’t help your confidence either.

Our goal in this is to increase our confidence in who we are. So tomorrow, I want you to go makeup free. I’ll be doing it too, and I’ll post a picture of it on my blog (you don’t have to post it, I’ll just do it to prove that I followed through on my side of the deal).


You’ve got this!


What Makes me Happy :)

I want to _______ because it makes me happy:

  • swim
  • read books
  • run
  • laugh often
  • paint
  • dream
  • have sleepovers
  • hang out with friends
  • dress nicely
  • do well in school
  • dance
  • kick my feet in the lake
  • splash in puddles
  • have good friends
  • listen to music
  • smile
  • have a clean room
  • spend time with my mom
  • wear cowboy boots
  • sing in the shower
  • play guitar
  • go for long walks
  • be warm
  • sit by the fire
  • watch the sun set

15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 10

Good job today putting yourself out there and telling us what makes you really unique! If this is your first day on the challenge, you can start it HERE. Tomorrow, I want you to do this: write “I want to _______ because it makes me happy.”

Like this:

I want to ________ because it makes me happy:


-read books

-laugh often


Write it down in a journal or notebook (I’ll put mine on my blog), and focus on doing what makes you happy.

You’ve got this!


15 Days to Confidence Challenge- Day 9

So I told you all yesterday (yesterday’s post can be found HERE) that I wanted you to read over Proverbs 31. Now that we’ve established what makes you confident as a woman, I want to talk about what makes you confident as an individual. Think of something that is unique about you- something that few people can say about themselves. Something like this:

I have a thing for Spanish music. Even though I don’t speak fluent Spanish, I love to listen to Spanish pop music.

That’s something that makes me unique. So what makes you unique? You can think about this overnight… Tomorrow, I want you to post on your blog (or if you don’t blog, tell me in the comments) something that makes you really special. Realizing what makes us who we are can boost our confidence! Oh, and make sure you send me the link to your post, because I would love to read it 🙂

You’ve got this!